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Large scale compressor localization even breakthrough
Deputy Secretary Chinese general machinery industry association long, compressor branch secretary Qian Jiaxiang recently said, the rapid development of energy and chemical industry in China, the compressor industry R & D, design and manufacturing standards. Especially in the localization of major equipment, a large number of large and medium-sized engineering support, new breakthroughs in large compressor localization in many fields such as petrochemical.
Qian Jiaxiang points out, the development and application of domestic development, large-scale compressor reciprocating compressor, a strong impetus to the tens of millions of tons of oil refining, megaton ethylene project construction. Now, 2D125 (3000 kW), 4M125 (6300 kW) compressor is running in oil hydrogenation unit successfully; 4M150 (8100 kW) compressor has completed the design and manufacturing and factory testing, by the end of 2013 in Quanzhou 3300000 tons / year of residue hydrotreating device put into use; 6M80 hydrogen booster compressor also passed the factory acceptance test the use, continuous reforming unit in Sinopec Tahe 600000 tons / year.
Relying on the new coal chemical industry, coal oil, coal to gas, coal to olefins, LNG new and expansion projects, popularization and application of large reciprocating compressor. Such as 6M80 combined with gas compressor has been successfully installed, will be put into use in Inner Mongolia Qinghua Group of hydrogen production from coke oven gas project; 6M50 compressor used successfully in Liaoning Datang International Fuxin 4000000000 cubic meters / year of natural gas coal device; 4M50 compressor successfully used device in Inner Mongolia Yitai 160000 tons / year of coal based synthetic oil; 4M32, 2D80 compressor will be put into operation Shanxi Lu'an Group 1000000 tons / year of coal liquefaction plant in; 4M50, 2D80 compressor has been used in Changchun Huarun liquefied natural gas plant and Inner Mongolia Xing Sheng 200 ¡Á 104 cubic meters / day liquefied natural gas plant.
Despite the large compressor to promote the localization of major equipment, has made breakthrough progress, but the key parts still need to import, become a stumbling block localization. For the expansion of the key accessories products market, the first high speed blower reciprocating machine division prize 2012 was developed in accordance with the API11P standard series -- 4M20 series base. 2013 Yuanda successfully developed 6HS-E high speed self balanced reciprocating compressor, the products meet API11P and API618 standard, the first to be used for Sinopec Huabei branch ba Miao to Yulin natural gas pipeline. The ultra high pure hydrogen compressor (pressure 30 MPa, 99.7% pure hydrogen) successful application in the integration of the Shaanxi chemical group 60000 tons / year BDO device.
At present, the booming industrial development, natural gas, coal chemical industrial ethylene, also promoted the process of domestic large labyrinth reciprocating compressor. Such as 6K-375MG natural gas labyrinth compressor has been developed; 2K300/375 has been used in the Ningxia coal based olefin propylene gas device.
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